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Newborn Baby Photoshoot

Wispy hair, rosebud lips, delicate eyelashes....capture those teeny tiny details with a newborn bespoke photography session. Adorable newborn poses and special family moments for you to look back with love in years to come.

It gives me so much pleasure to see parents faces melt as I gently pose their new little one while they are quietly sleeping. They are only this little for so long and having parents entrust me to provide them with these once in a lifetime images is such an honor.

You may ask why photograph a sleeping baby? the answer is this; all too quickly your baby is smiling, rolling around, sitting up, crawling then walking and into absolutely everything, we have the rest of their lives to capture smiley awake photos.



When should I book my newborn photo session ?


Newborn photography sessions need to be held as soon after birth as possible, Prior arrangement of due date is helpful, normally at your 20 week scan. I will then pencil in the booking based on your estimated due date and once your little one arrives we can confirm the actual date of the shoot. The best time to schedule your newborn portrait photography session is within the first 14 days of your baby arriving. This will ensure that your baby responds to soothing and posing techniques, that they still have a true newborn look and while they are still very sleepy and curly. Please make sure to book an approximate date in advance to save disappointment.

Note: Please be careful not to book a session for a couple of days after vaccinations, as babies can be fretful following the injections.

What if I've missed the 14 day timescale?


Please don't worry if you have missed the newborn stage, at 3-4 months your baby is alert and smiling and although we may not be able to get the sleepy shots, you will be able to treasure cute, awake, smiley photos.

What should baby wear?


Wardrobe choice for your baby is not important unless there is a particular outfit you would like to feature in the photos. A plain baby grow or vest is sufficient,you should bring your baby loosely dressed so that the first outfit change doesn't disturb little one too much.


Can I borrow outfits and props for the session?


I have a large variety of blankets, backdrops, cute clothing items and accessories that we can choose from when you arrive. Please feel free to bring your own accessories as well. If you have any special items that mean something to you e.g. a special blanket or soft toy - please bring it and we can try and incorporate it into the photos.


How long does the newborn photo session take?


Newborn sessions can last between 2-4 hours, allowing time for feeding, changing and Mummy cuddles, I simply follow babies lead. It is important to remember that a new baby cannot perform on demand so time is needed to simply wait until they are ready. I do not book more than one newborn session each day so there is no pressure on time.

Be sure to also allow this time in your day without any prior or further engagements.

What happens during the session?

The room will be very warm, as we want baby to be comfortable enough to sleep in the nude. This said you will be very warm too so try to wear layers that can be removed. I use a fan heater on the posing bed to keep the temperature cosy. I also use white noise as this aids baby to settle.... at this point parents quite often doze off themselves.

The aim is for a quiet, peaceful, relaxed atmosphere.

I will aim to position baby into different poses in different outfits and props. Sometimes a very unsettled baby who does not like to be touched or moved can take much longer to settle and pose, and we ultimately may not be able to achieve as many different poses, I take the lead from baby and do not push them into any poses that they are not happy about.

I will at all times have your baby's safety and comfort as paramount.

What happens if baby won't settle for the photos?


A very unsettled baby can lead to much fewer poses and therefore limited image choice. There is normally a reason for baby to be really unsettled, wind, constipation, colic, illness, and more often than not a period of cluster feeding. If you think your baby is not well or is cluster feeding, please let me know prior to the session and we can re-schedule. A cluster feeding baby (breast fed, where baby feeds several times in short succession within their normal feeding time) can be very exhausting for Mum. If I am unable to settle baby in to any poses after an hour of trying and baby is only happy and content when feeding with Mum and is rooting and fussing this is a sure sign of a cluster feeding phase. I will call a halt to the session and re-schedule for a couple of weeks until little one is in a more established feeding stage. If you feel your baby has started cluster feeding prior to the session (day before) please let me know.


How should I prepare for the session?


You should bring your baby loosely dressed so that the first outfit change doesn't disturb little one too much. You may have to feed baby more than normal to aid settling, a baby with a full tummy is a happy, sleepy baby. Breast fed babies are often cluster feeding at this stage so be prepared for this. Please try not to feed just before the journey to your session, it would aid settling if baby is fed when you arrive. I would also be grateful if you could bring a pacifier (dummy) just for the session as this will often aid in settling your newborn (don't worry, the short amount of time used will not encourage baby to become reliant on the pacifier). Bring extra baby wipes, muslins, nappies and even a spare top as parents almost always get pooped on during a session... it's difficult to avoid with a little naked newborn around! I also ask that you bring snacks for yourself because of the length of the session.


I would like sibling shots too...


Siblings are very welcome to join in this special time, there's nothing more precious than seeing the interaction with a young sibling in their new role as big Brother/Sister. 

With siblings aged 3 and under I will ask you to lower your expectations. Under 3's notoriously want to be anywhere but with their new sibling. Treats and bribes can produce some lovely photos but this is not always the case.

If you are including a young sibling in the shoot, bring snacks and toys to keep them occupied, I would  also ask you to have any siblings, especially very young ones, bought along at the start or later in the shoot so that they don't get bored.

You should dress your child in something plain, no harsh patterns, motifs on tee-shirts.

I try to do newborn sessions on a Saturday if school age siblings are being included, however this is not always possible.

Parent shots


I would encourage all parents to have a few photographs taken with their newborn. I realise a new Mummy may not be feeling her best and does not wish to be photographed, in these cases I can pose baby so just parents hands are pictured around the baby. I would ask you pay attention to your wardrobe choice and try to compliment each other with colours. Plain and neutral is always best for a newborn session, avoiding harsh colours, busy patterns, stripes, motifs on shirts.


Can I bring other members of the family to the shoot?


I would ask that the newborn session just includes the parents and siblings.

The aim is to keep the session as relaxed as possible, many people in the room prevents a peaceful atmosphere.



Newborn session at home


In some circumstances it may be possible to carry out the photography session in the comfort of your own home (space and travel permitting). This however will reduce the amount of props and equipment I will be able to use and will take on a lifestyle feel instead. 

Please inquire if you wish the session to be carried out at your home.

Please take a look at Terms & Conditions for further information on  cancellations, editing and delivery of your photos.

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