Sitter / Child Photoshoot

Book your sitter, child photo session, as soon as your little one can sit sturdily unaided. Once they have mastered this, it will only be a short time before they start crawling and exploring their world around them. A rug on the floor with some toys won't hold any interest, but the camera, lights, props and stands will be a magnet to inquisitive little hands. So give me a call to catch the sitting stage before they are on the move.

I have a selection of boy and girl sitter outfits if you are unsure what your baby should wear. You may change outfits on your baby/child as many times as you like during the session. I have accessories and props but please feel free to bring your own including toys or any special items that you may want featured in the photos. It is more important that your baby/child is comfortable, so if you are unsure what to bring or what to wear don't be afraid to contact me.

Sitter sessions take approx 45 mins to 1 hour. Please be careful not to book a session for a couple of days after vaccinations as babies and children can be fretful following the injections. Please contact me as soon as possible if you believe your child may be contagious or possibly becoming ill; as the session will have to be cancelled to safeguard other clients. If an illness is starting you would also find that your baby/child aren't their usual smiley self and are often uncooperative (please see Terms & Conditions regarding cancellation)




Did you know, I also offer a cake smash first birthday session.
smash cake Crowborough
First Birthday Cale smash

Please take a look at Terms & Conditions for further information on  cancellations, editing and delivery of your photos.