Crowborough Photographer

Beth Pritchard Crowborough

"Our lives are our stories, each day a fresh new page, 
each season a whole new chapter. 
Our parenting chapters become the beginning of our children's stories 
in glorious, dog-eared, mud-stained, daisy-chain pages of sunshine-filled days

and wish-on-a-star nights and shared struggles and triumphs and tears and laughter. 

Where their stories go from there is up to them, 
but where they begin is up to us."


Crowborough Photographer - Beth Pritchard 


I love capturing the teeny tiny details, the miniature fingers and toes and the delicate rosebud lips. It gives me so much pleasure to see parents faces melt as I gently pose their new little one while they are quietly sleeping. They are only this little for so long and having parents entrust me to provide them with these once in a lifetime images is such an honor.

You may ask why photograph a sleeping baby? the answer is this; all too quickly your baby is smiling, rolling around, sitting up, crawling then walking and into absolutely everything, we have the rest of their lives to capture smiley awake photos.

Where did the name Piccy Pic come from?. As a young girl growing up in the Midlands, I remember my parents with their old 35mm film camera, ''come on'' they'd say ''let's take your piccy pic'' so all my life I've called all photos piccy pics, I don't know if this is a Midlands saying or just my parents, unfortunately most of the piccy pics in my childhood album have my head chopped off, fortunately I didn't learn my photography skills from them! Taking photos and capturing memories is my passion and I believe my camera has actually become part of me.

I am a Mum of two beautiful children who have flown the nest having adventures of their own. Although I took lots of pictures of them growing up, It was before the age of digital cameras and editing facilities, I so wish I could turn back the clock and capture their tiny details in crystal clear pictures, but I'm so happy that I can do this for other parents now.

If you have any question about any of the photography services on offer, please contact meI really hope to meet you soon.

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