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Photo Editing Stage

During the photography session I try to take as clear an image as possible of your baby or child using natural, studio lights or flash light, This doesn't mean that the clear picture won't have anomalies such as a harsh shadow, a colour cast, a wrinkly blanket etc. I will endeavor to correct these anomalies using Photoshop and or Lightroom, Please be patient and don't expect to go away with your photos on the day.

I will also look at the photos of your baby or child for signs of crusty eyes, runny nose, a dreaded spot that appeared on the morning of the shoot and ta dah.... they will be gone. I will never remove anything that should be there such as a mole, birthmark, freckles or a scar, unless asked to do so. If I am ever unsure whether the mark (i.e a spot or baby acne) should or shouldn't be there I will contact you first.

My photo editing skills are to enhance what is already there, but keeping it as natural as possible. I may add a different digital backdrop if the photo lends itself to it. I may change the colour of the blanket or scenery and soften or enhance aspects of the photo or convert it to black and white though I will always provide a softly edited original version.

Each photo can take between 5-30 minutes to edit depending on the original photo. For instance, removing  marks from a child who has just recovered from chicken pox or a neborn with baby acne can take about 20 minutes per photo before any further enhancements can be made.

Image Delivery


Following the photo session, I edit approximately 5 images to show you the look of what to expect with the ones you ultimately choose from your online gallery. At this point you make your selection of the ones you want edited in High resolution with no watermark (see the prices page for packages) I will then send you a link to your new gallery for you to download your images. Please note all images are delivered to you digitally for you to print, put on canvas etc, I do not print any. Once you have downloaded them it is easy to put them on a memory stick to have prints done or upload them to an online printers. It will take approx 2 weeks to prepare your images (often a lot sooner). I may also send you a 'sneek peek' prior to the completion.


Use Of Your Photos


During the session I will ask if I may use any of your pictures for online or printed advertising such as seen here in the gallery. If you do not wish to have any of your pictures shown that is perfectly alright. Any pictures I am allowed to use will be prominently watermarked copyright. If you wish to use any of the pictures you have chosen and paid for on your own social media and would like them watermarked too, please ask and I will gladly do so free of charge.


All photos are 300 dpi and are sized at original size, 15in x 11in or 10x8 which allows cropping to most 'normal' photo dimensions and are capable of large scale format such as a wall canvas. If you wish to have any of your photos re sized to fit a certain aspect ratio, I will do this for you. Please note certain aspects may not be achievable i.e a 7x5 ratio where the image fits the whole page may not be re sized to square successfully as you will lose parts of the image, however saying that things can be done to achieve it.

Collages and Cards

I can put your images into a collage ready to be printed or made ready for card printing, there is an extra fee for this. Below are a few recently done.














If you have a favourite photo and there is something annoying in the picture, or it is damaged,

Piccypic Photography may be able to restore it. Let me have a look and see if I can help.

I will take on editing jobs for other photographers if you are short of time - contact me.

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