Photo Editing

Baby, Child Photograph Made Into Digital, Composite Art.

Being a baby photographer is not just about taking photos, it also having a vision to create a piece of art from a simple photo. I have spent years learning and perfecting Photoshop, which bought me to a high level to create stunning pieces of art.


Composite art is made up of parts or elements of other photographs, merging together layer upon layer of colours, textures, scenery, skies,  water etc with your original photograph as the main study. It can take anywhere from 6-18 hours to produce a beautiful piece of art. Below are just a few I have created from my own original photos, from the  'Make me Magical' series.

If you are interested in having a composite piece of art created from your baby or child photograph (it can be from your own high resolution photo) contact me.

'Masie Mermaid'

Masies Mum sent me a picture (below)...

'can you do anything with this as I love the picture'


An idea came to mind straight away.., bubbles in the bath, what else would be better than a bubble blowing mermaid. It is now on a canvas on the bathroom wall!


Masie accompanied me on a bluebell walk in May,


The original photo was of her talking to her friend on a log in a forest. As soon as I saw the photo I imagined her talking to a big polar bear, after 5 hours the pieces were put together and 'Chillin' was born.

composite art of twins in a boat on the sea

'Christmas Journey'

This is Blue Wynter, also known to all that love him as Little Bear.

Little bear has gone on a journey with polar bear to find Santa, You may think he's cold but he has Polar bears warm fur to snuggle, you are also thinking that penguins aren't found that far North... he started following earlier on in the journey to Lap Land. With the lamp light also provided by the snow goose I'm sure they will all be there soon.

'Come With Me'

'Come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned'..... Peter Pan.


Already showing Brotherly love, these beautiful twins Callan & Eoghan are starting their life's journey with so many hopes and dreams,that they will share together.

twins in a boat photo
photo of family walking in bluebells

'Once Upon A Time'

When the bluebells come out my camera never leaves my side. I tagged along with this lovely family to capture their fairy tale walk.

photo of family walking in bluebells
Digital Art Photography Boy On Log
Digital Art Photography before and after

'Bounty Hunters'

Meet Kieran aged two and a half. His Dad is a professional angler by trade, so on the day of the shoot I produced a small fishing rod to try and get Kieran into a position where I could work him into a composite piece, together with his dads favourite fish. During the shoot Kieran raided my goody cupboard, finding only Bounty bars left over from a Christmas  (not much liked in our house!) but I discovered that Bounty is Kierans favourite chocolate. If you look closely at the art, there is a Bounty bar on the end of the hook and also about to be stolen by the duck!