Edit my photo please, I need free time

As a photographer, I know how important it is to deliver a gallery of high quality images. Sometimes a little help is needed post shoot to perfect the images and this is where my photo editing services some in. Over the years I have worked with many photographers, taking the strain from them drowning in client galleries and releasing some much needed free time. Often, especially new photographers take a photo that they are considering deleting as they aren't familiar with the editing process and the capabilities of editing programmes, but more often than not the photo can be saved and turned into a piece of art.

Removal of people, backgrounds, items of jewelry etc can often be difficult but achievable.

I have also done some beautiful edits on photos from the general public, as long as the photo is of good quality and not from a low resolution camera phone or a social media post, then editing is possible.

I will not edit or re-edit a photo taken by another photographer (unless asked to do so by the photographer) or remove a watermark this is illegal so please don't ask me.

For all your photo editing requirements contact me via my web site or my business facebook page: Post-Shoot Edit


Examples of before and after edits:

Photo editing removal of watch

Photo editing services for photographers

photo editor for photographers composite photos

photo editing, retouching services from award winning photographer

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