Bump Shoot Crowborough - on location

Browsing through the posts on Facebook something popped up and started the old brain cogs whirling. There staring at me was a post from my client (who has already booked in for a maternity shoot in August) advertising her pick your own cornflowers from her very own flower fields. Woah, hang on a minute I have a cornflower blue maternity gown, just hanging there, waiting for a moment like this.

I contacted Kerrie owner of Highgate Florists and Growers and asked if she would like to do a golden hour photoshoot in her beautiful cornflowers, a sort of mid term pregnancy shoot?. Kerrie was delighted and we arranged it for the same evening. So last Saturday armed with my trusted friend (camera) a few lenses and a gorgeous cornflower blue maternity gown I snapped away while Kerrie and her bump posed beautifully among her stunning flowers.

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