What happens during the photo editing stage?

What happens during the editing process?

I will always discuss with parents how much editing they would like me to do. Quite often, new babies have flaky, spotty, blotchy skin, which can be easily remedied during editing. Bruises on children's legs, dark eye circles, wrinkles, sun tan lines, again easily remedied. If I see a mark I am unsure of during the editing stage I will always ask first as it may be a mole or a birthmark and these I will not touch unless I am asked to do so. I may change the blanket or clothing colour, enhance a background, sometimes create a piece of digital art. A lot of work goes into the editing process as the photo leaves my camera as a 'Raw' image, this is basically a flat image that requires developing and a gallery of images can take between 4- 15 hours to complete

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