Where to get a Cake Smash photoshoot in East Sussex?

At some point a genius took the words 'cake' and 'smash' and put them together to create a perfect first Birthday milestone session.

At Piccy-Pic Photography in Crowborough, East Sussex, Cake smash sessions are geared around your baby having fun. It’s the perfect way to celebrate all the fabulous milestones they’ve achieved in their first year.

It’s not tacky or cheesy it’s very much like messy play, and the best thing is, it’s me that clears it all away! Some babies eat it, some squish it and some even sit on it, what better way to celebrate this milestone.

The session has 3 fun stages:

Stage 1 - Pre-Smash Portraits

Photos are taken of your little one having fun with various props before they get messy. This is where you get to use the lovely outfit you've bought especially for the session or one from my client closet.

Stage 2 - The Smash

The cake is introduced and at this point they often can’t believe their luck..a whole cake just for them. ( you’d be surprised at how little cake is eaten, the buttercream icing does a fabulous job of making all the cakey mess). You may bring your own outfit to match the setting or choose one of mine. If cake isn't babies 'thing' then we can substitute with something else to smash!

Stage 3- Fun, bubbly Tub-Time

Your little one will be treated to a warm, bubbly bath to splash around in, complete with blowing bubbles and rubber duckies… you get a happy, clean, goo free baby to take home….. I do offer to hose parents down in the garden!

Throughout the whole session I will be capturing the memorable moments with beautiful and often funny photos.

When to arrange a Cake Smash photo session?

If you’d like to use your portraits to display at baby’s birthday party or to use on invitations, I recommend having your session take place when baby is around 11 months old. Cake smash sessions take time to plan and discuss colour schemes/themes etc so don't rely on trying to book a last minute slot, make sure to pre-book your session.

Cake Smash information and preparation

On reserving your session date with a small deposit, we will discuss colour schemes, props, cakes, likes and dislikes, Everything you will need to know will be in a preparation guide.

Cake smash photo shoots are a unique experience and are normally done around your child's first or second birthday to mark this birthday milestone. These ages are the best age for cake smash shoots as children are still in the exploration stage of their development..... However the fun doesn't stop at these ages and older children and adults can smash a cake too! Get in touch today to pre-book your Cake Smash experience .

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